What are Preorders?

Preorders are products purchased before the stocks arrive on my side and are not ready-to-ship, they will be sent into production after the preorder period closes! 

First round of preorder items will always be slightly cheaper than when they're back again in the future! Preorder items will always be shipped out and cleared before opening instocks again.


When will my Preorders ship?

The estimated shipping date will be stated in every preorder product so please do read the product details! While we will try our best to meet the date provided, there could be unforeseen delays due to supply chain issues.

You can check the Preorder Status page for information and updates on the progress of them, I am unfortunately unable to give you the exact date/month for when your specific order will ship as they are always processed based on order sequence. Some people will be getting their orders sooner as they ordered earlier or opted for courier deliveries etc., I kindly seek for your patience!


Cancelling my Preorder

Please contact us through the message form or, cancellations can only be processed before the preorder deadline is due! After the preorder closes, I am unable to cancel your order so please do take note of that.