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Preorder Status

Statuses of the ongoing/upcoming preorders! They will be updated as soon as I have news of them. Your order will only be shipped when all items in the single receipt are ready for shipment.

Last updated: 14 May 2022 (DD/MM/YY)


      Genshin Cardigans

      • 14/05/22: 100% shipped.
      • 23/03/22: About 60-70% orders have been shipped as of now, there's a few hundred parcels that went out but the tracking number haven't been updated to Shopify's system yet due to the immense backlogs, we are trying to sort and ship the packages out as soon as possible hence I seek your kind understanding in that the tracking will be updated later!
      • 25/02/22: Packing is still in progress and it is expected to continue till the end of March!! We stated Q1 shipment date as we know we need time to pack, so please understand that some people will be getting their orders sooner than you and we can only pack so many orders each day. We cannot guarantee you an exact order shipment date even if you contact us, please trust that we will ship it in Q1 of the year as we originally stated.
      • 10/02/22: We received the items on our end! Shipment will begin on Monday as we pack them through the weekends, I kindly seek for your patience as some people will get them sooner than others based on order sequences. I am unable to promise you an exact date of shipment other than by/within the month of March even if contacted.
      • 09/02/22: Cargo has reached Singapore's warehouse!! They are waiting for the trucks to pick up and deliver to my address. Thank you for the wait!
      • 23/01/22: On the way to my side, the shipping service estimated for it to reach me in early February.
      • 30/12/21: Manufacturer's city is in lockdown now and they expect it to be open again on 5 January, quality check inspection will be booked right after the lockdown is lifted. They have finished production hence the inspection is the only thing left. Currently still on track for Q1 fulfilment!
      • 26/12/21: Production began on 2 December and still ongoing now, the packaging bags/tags are completed.


      Genshin T-Shirts

      • 14/05/22: In the middle of packing & shipping orders
      • 14/04/22: Shipment reaching us in a few days!
      • 23/03/22: Manufacturer informed me that production will finish next week! They'll then be on their way to me by sea ^_^


      Genshin Acrylic Blocks

      • 14/05/22: 100% shipped.