Preorder Status

Statuses of the ongoing/upcoming preorders! They will be updated as soon as I have news of them. Your order will only be shipped when all items in the single receipt are ready for shipment.

Last updated: 29 Dec 2023 (DD/MM/YY)


Genshin Cardigans 2.0
  • 29/12/23: Orders are going out in order sequence, estimated to complete within promised timeframe (January)!

  • 02/11/23: On the way to me

  • 14/10/23: Cardigans have completed production, currently in the process of being packed! Estimated to be shipped out to me at the end of next week (+ sea shipping around a month).

  • 11/9/23: Cardigans have begun production last week!
HSR Acrylic Blocks
  • 07/11/23: Shipment and packing has begun, we will be going through them throughout the month,

  • 02/11/23: On the way to me! The first 200 pieces will reach me this week, they will be shipped out based on order sequence while waiting for 2 other batches to arrive.

  • 14/10/23: Production has begun!
Bubbles Acrylic Blocks & Prints
  • 29/12/23: Some orders are going out right now, estimated to finish shipping within promised timeframe (January)!